Print Only {{2019}}

Print Only is hosted by me! You can sign up here.

Print Only is very simple, just read as many physical books as you can. These can be books you’ve purchased, sent, or borrowed! As long as it is a physical book, then it counts.

Print Only Challenge Details:

  • Print Only challenge begins on January 1st – December 31st and you can sign up at anytime.
  • Every book must be a physical book. Hardback/Paperback/ Soft Board books count.
  • All Genres Count.
  • Re-Reading / Crossovers are totally encouraged.
  • You don’t have to be a blogger to join. You can sign up if you are just a reader, only on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • If you are a blogger, I’d love for you to make a sign up posts (you can also include all the other challenges you are in, it doesn’t have to be just for this challenge) to announcing your commitment.
    Use the hash tag #PrintOnlyRC19 to share your progress!
  • I’ll have a link up every last Friday of the month so you can link up your reviews. (At this time, due to my financial situation, I can’t promise a prize but if that changes you will be the first to know!)

Print Only Levels:

1-10 – Out Of Print
11-20 – 1st Edition
21-30 – 2nd Printing
31- 40 – Signed Edition
41+ – Collector’s Edition

My Goal:

I am aiming for Out Of Print.

Little 1:

Little 1 is aiming for 1st edition.

Little 2:

Little 2 is aiming for 1st edition.

My Print Only Reads:

Little 1 Print Only Reads:

Little 2 Print Only Reads: