Rainbow Book Club

The Rainbow Book Club

The Rainbow Book Club was formed by Aria, Melissa and Tina in January 2015. We began as a group of three who wanted to buddy read together every month. Instead of doing a traditional buddy read where we select a book and read it, we wanted to challenge ourselves so we came up with using the colors of the rainbow to select our book of the month. This did turn out to be very challenging but loads of fun when it came to nominating a book for the month.

We recently added two members of our group Kat and Cam. We are now a group of five and we have also decided to change up things when it came to Rainbow Book Club.

The changes we made were to actually discuss our book of the month. We realized that we weren’t really discussing our book of the month so we decided to use a deadline of reading every book by the 20th of the month. We also decided to select one person every month to select the book of the month, our old method included using randomresult.org which resulted in some of us having our picks of the month more than the others. We also decided to venture away from the rainbow, we’ve added colors to the rainbow so that we could have more options for our book of the month.

The colors we will be using are:

The Leaders of the Monthly Discussion:
January – Kat – Red
February – Aria – Orange
March – Mel – Yellow
April – Tina – Green
May – Cam – Blue
June – Kat – Violet
July – Aria – Pink
August – Mel – Black
September – Tina – White
October – Cam – Brown
November – Kat – Gray
December – Aria –

I will be linking everyone’s review for the book of the month on our 2016 Rainbow Book Club Reads. When it comes to my turn (April & September) I will be having a buddy review posted with the girls. I’ll be reviewing each and every book of the month and it will be labeled:

The Rainbow Book Club: Book Of The Month