About Rainbow Book Club

The Rainbow Book Club was formed in late January of 2015 when Aria from My Infinite Reading List and Melissa from Melissa Discovers The Secrets Of Reading and I came together to do monthly buddy reads. Camillia from Twenty Three Pages and Kat from The Booklander joined us late last year.


We thought the idea of reading a book based on one of the colors of the Rainbow would encourage us to read outside our favorite genres.


We have picked up many different books that we’ve loved and/or hated throughout the past year. Not only are we a book club but we are also really good friends. I personally would call them my best friends.


We’re a year old and we’re still working out the kinks of our book club. This year we decided to do things a little differently. We decided to add colors because we found it difficult to find books based on the seven colors of the rainbow that we all hadn’t read it.


We’re a small close-knit group who enjoy reading. We not only talk about books we’re reading together but also the ones we read on our spare time.


You can follow the other member’s blogs:

Aria: myinfinitereadinglist.wordpress.com

Mel: melissadiscoversthesecretsofreading.wordpress.com

Cam: twentythreepages.wordpress.com

Kat: thebooklander.wordpress.com