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Review: Fluffy: A Child’..

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Review: Fluffy: A Child’s First Pet Experience by Selena Cintron

Fluffy is a picture book geared towards teaching kids about their first experience owning a pet. I loved the concept of Fluffy because my kids have been talking about wanting a pet and I felt like this book really taught them why I’m hesitant to bring a pet into our household. Fluffy teaches young readers about the responsibility of owning a pet. The book shows how one must walk and bathe a dog, teach it tricks and the full responsibility of owning a pet. Fluffy also sparked a conversation of why we should adopt and not buy our pets. It also brought up a good conversation about how the littles are not ready for a dog at this time but someday they will be. For the time being, they’ve been practicing their pet owning skills with a dog that was left near my grandma’s house. We’ve basically adopted him and […]