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Review | My Strongest Weakness..

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Review | My Strongest Weakness by Brighton Walsh

The cover of My Strongest Weakness caught my attention from the moment it popped up on my Amazon recommendations. Then I read the synopsis and I debated purchasing right that second. I was hesitant for two reasons it was only 81 pages ( according to Amazon, goodreads says its 150) and it was $2.99. I kept asking myself if I should take the risk and be blown away by an author I’ve never read or be out $2.99 for a book I didn’t enjoy. I decided to take a chance and let me tell you I am glad I did. My favorite thing about My Strongest Weakness is that it was one of the few novellas I read that didn’t have a whole lot of insta love within those 81 pages. Oh and did I mention this takes place in the 90s? Tia and Mason have already met and they […]