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Audio Review | You by Caroline..

Posted November 28, 2016 by Tina in Reviews / 6 Comments
Audio Review | You by Caroline Kepnes

You is a book that I have seen a lot on Twitter, IG and booktube. I will say the blurb intrigued me but also made me skeptical. Thrillers aren’t really my thing but I had heard from people I had trusted that it was a good book. I browsed the library and saw they had the audiobook and I immediately requested it. Let me tell you, I requested You in March and didn’t get my hold until November so yeah; I waited A REALLY LONG TIME FOR THIS BOOK. The Story: The premise of You is creepy but I also felt like it was real. It really makes you look over your shoulder and jump at every noise (I did both). It also brings to light just how easy it is for someone to stalk you. We live in a time where we post online our every move, every location […]