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Review: Stupid Girl by Cindy M..

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Review: Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles

Have you ever seen She’s all that? It’s like an old 90s movie with Paul Walker and Freddie Prince Jr. well anyway it’s about a bet to turn the geekiest girl in school into prom queen only Freddie Prince Jr. ends up falling for the girl. Well I found Stupid Girl to be almost the same except we are now in college and the bet is a lot different. Olivia is a college freshman trying desperately to get away from her small town. The summer before senior year her boyfriend Kelsy Evans raped her. She was the victim of rumors, shaming, the whole she wanted it but just won’t admit it thing. She vowed to never trust another man, or fall in love again. She wears a ring kind of like a virginity ring to remind herself of that promise. On her first of college she is run over by […]