Author: Janeal Falor

Review: You Are Mine Janeal Fa..

Posted March 31, 2015 by Tina in Reviews / 1 Comment
Review: You Are Mine Janeal Falor

I will be honest; I had to start this book maybe three times to finally get into it. When I was finally able to completely dive into it I just could not put it down. Our story When we first meet Serena (our main character) she is just 17 and is about to be tested to know just how much magic is running through her veins. The more magic running through her veins the better the offer of marriage will be and the more money will be offered to her father for her hand in marriage. As it turns out the magic through Serena’s veins is extremely well and the offers for her hand are large. In Chardonian, women are property. They are to bare children and nothing more, they do not have opinions and they must always obey their master if they do not they will be hexed or […]