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Review | True Love by Jennife..

Posted January 27, 2015 by Tina in Reviews / 0 Comments
Review |  True Love by Jennifer Lopez

When I first heard Jennifer Lopez was coming out with a book I thought “oh she’s going to spill everything about her past relationships and I want to read it!”. Lame, I know but really I wanted the juicy details but she literally lets you know on the first five pages this book will not give you any juicy details about relationships like you were hoping. I was disappointed not going to lie but I kept reading to see just what was this book about. What was it about exactly? Learning to live, love and dance again after having your fairy tale dream comes to an end. Picking up the pieces and learning to live again, to love again and to dance. Jennifer mentions after every major break up or major event in her life she has to do something to keep herself busy, distracted or avoiding the issue completely. […]