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Tiny Bookworm Thursday –..

Posted April 16, 2015 by Tina in As Told by Littles / 2 Comments
Tiny Bookworm Thursday – Time Together – Me & Grandpa by Maria Catherine (2)

Cristian and I decided to read Time together: Me & Grandpa for our bedtime story the other night. He seemed to really enjoy it, it takes him a while to sit through an entire bedtime story but Time Together-Me & Grandpa really caught his attention and I would have to say it was because the illustrations were gorgeous. The book is illustrated by Pascal Campion. The illustrations like I said are gorgeous. The book has few words but I felt like the illustrations could have told the story on its own. The people in the illustration looked genuinely happy to be in each other’s company. My son would often tell me what the people in the books were doing before I had read the story. I thought it was neat to see him so engaged in the book. What I really liked about the book was its message. The importance […]