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Blog Tour | Collision by Nicol..

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Blog Tour | Collision by Nicole Banks

Collision is the third novel in the Shattered Hearts series. It is the final book in the series and the book I’ve been highly anticipating for YEARS. I would highly recommend you read Shattered and Into Pieces to understand Collision. It can be read as standalone but to fully understand the story, I recommend reading the previous books. The Story Collision much like Shattered and Into Pieces are written in multiple POVs. It is my personal favorite thing about Nicole’s writing. I love that she gives us a chance to glimpse into the mind of all the characters and put the story together. Collision is mainly Chase and Kris’s story; it was one that began in the previous books and now we finally get them front and center. Collision takes place about 8 years after Into Pieces. It does include some flashbacks so it wouldn’t be that hard to understand […]


Review | A Mind Seduction: A b..

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Review | A Mind Seduction: A book of Poems, Spoken word and Intimate Ramblings by Nicole Banks

Reviewing poetry is so personal. Each poem speaks to a person differently. This is my very first time reviewing poetry. I was fortunate enough to beta read Mind Seduction and I was even more excited to read the final product. There were certain poems I felt a personal connection to and others I didn’t, but that is poetry, right? Mind Seduction is divided into four parts: The Seduction, The Heavy Stuff, Learn to Let Go and My P.S.A.. There was something I loved about each part. The Seduction: This section is about both the seduction of an author making the reader fall in love with their words and the seduction of two lovers. My favorite lines: “And rip your heart out with my pen to make you cheer for a villain and hate the hero.” – The Writer “I’ll leave your soul, in the same condition you left my body, […]


Review: Shattered by Nicole Ba..

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Review: Shattered by Nicole Banks

My Review:  Nicole contacted me about reviewing Shattered. Wow!!! I was truly impressed with this book. It was like a breath of fresh air. I am seriously craving more. This isn’t your typical love story where there’s instal-love or some messy love triangle. Oh no, this is was much deeper, much darker, and real. Jasmine has gone through hell, literally. My gosh my heart ached because of all she went through. She’s healing slowly, dealing day by day with her demons. She’s still afraid and everyone around her is understanding and tries their hardest to make sure she’s dealing with everything that has happened to her. She is however incredibly strong despite what has happened. You can tell she is trying so hard to defeat her demons but they keep knocking her down. Angel has just come home from Afghanistan. He has been gone for a couple years but always […]