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#ReadYourWorld | Sporty Lou &#..

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#ReadYourWorld | Sporty Lou – Picture Book: Soccer King (Multicultural Book Series for Kids 3-To-6-Years Old) by Quentin Holmes

Sporty Lou could not have landed in our hands at a better time. You see Little 1 is a firm believer that he has to be natural at everything on the first try. The first time he played basketball and didn’t make a basket, he wanted to quit (and then repeat this cycle with every sport he played so far). So to say that we really needed a book like Sporty Lou in our hands is an understatement. Sporty Lou is about a little boy who is going to play soccer for the first time. He is so excited to try. He can already imagine himself being so good at the game without even trying. His imagination runs wild. He doesn’t know the rules of soccer and it is a little frustrating for him. He attempts to kick the ball and isn’t as successful so he gets a little frustrated. […]


#ReadYourWorld | Johnny Skip 2..

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#ReadYourWorld | Johnny Skip 2: The Amazing Adventures of Johnny Skip 2 in Australia (multicultural book series for kids 3-to-6-years old) by Quentin Holmes

Johnny Skip 2 was a book that the Littles and I both enjoyed. Little 3 especially enjoyed it because it had a puppy and she’s obsessed with puppies. Johnny Skip 2 is about a boy named Johnny (obviously) who can skip to different places. In this book he skips to Australia and is off on adventure. It teaches a bit about Australia such as Kangaroos and Aussie phrases. It has a very Dora The Explorer vibe but in book form and I think that’s what attracted the Littles to this book. The illustrations were very colorful and the Littles were able to tell me what they thought was going to happen in the story before I read it to them. This helped us discuss a bit about the pictures. Little One is currently learning to read so he helped read the story to his sisters and it is probably going […]