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#ReadYourWorld | Sporty Lou &#..

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#ReadYourWorld | Sporty Lou – Picture Book: Soccer King (Multicultural Book Series for Kids 3-To-6-Years Old) by Quentin Holmes

Sporty Lou could not have landed in our hands at a better time. You see Little 1 is a firm believer that he has to be natural at everything on the first try. The first time he played basketball and didn’t make a basket, he wanted to quit (and then repeat this cycle with every sport he played so far). So to say that we really needed a book like Sporty Lou in our hands is an understatement. Sporty Lou is about a little boy who is going to play […]


#ReadYourWorld | Johnny Skip 2..

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#ReadYourWorld | Johnny Skip 2: The Amazing Adventures of Johnny Skip 2 in Australia (multicultural book series for kids 3-to-6-years old) by Quentin Holmes

Johnny Skip 2 was a book that the Littles and I both enjoyed. Little 3 especially enjoyed it because it had a puppy and she’s obsessed with puppies. Johnny Skip 2 is about a boy named Johnny (obviously) who can skip to different places. In this book he skips to Australia and is off on adventure. It teaches a bit about Australia such as Kangaroos and Aussie phrases. It has a very Dora The Explorer vibe but in book form and I think that’s what attracted the Littles to this […]