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A Bit Of A Disappointment | Ci..

Posted October 5, 2017 by Tina in Reviews / 1 Comment
A Bit Of A Disappointment | Cinderella by Chloe Perkins

I’m not entirely sure how I discovered that Chloe Perkins had written the fairy tales with a twist. But I knew I couldn’t wait to read these to the little ones. When I saw the library had Cinderella and Snow White, I immediately put them on hold at the library. The illustrations in Cinderella are absolutely beautiful. They are colorful and include such a beautiful images of the Mexican culture; I couldn’t wait to read this story with a twist. A story that my girls would relate to. The problem for me was that there really wasn’t a twist. Only the illustrations were different but the story was still the same. I was hoping that Perkins would include more of the Mexican culture in the story instead of just the illustrations. It felt like a missed opportunity. The other issue I had was that there was entirely too much text […]