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Review: Impossible Promise by ..

Posted April 25, 2015 by Tina in Reviews / 1 Comment
Review: Impossible Promise by Sybil Bartel

Imagine, you are sixteen on the phone with your parents probably rolling your eyes at whatever they just said and then you hear it. A voice, a chilling voice some arguing, some gunshots and you scream. The voice comes back on the phone threatening you, say a word and you’re dead too. He owns you now and you don’t even know his real name. You can run, but he’ll always find you. You can change your name, you can move, you can work dead end jobs all you want but he will find you. You’ll always have to look over your shoulder. You think you can have friends, a relationship? Ha! Not gonna happen! His flunkies will make sure of that, and they’ll ALWAYS be around. Everywhere you go they go. You’re on your own, this is a war you are fighting by yourself. But how long must the war […]