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ARC Review | Rendez-Vous in Ph..

Posted November 7, 2016 by Tina in Reviews / 3 Comments
ARC Review | Rendez-Vous in Phoenix by Tony Sandoval

When I saw Rendez-vous In Phoenix on Netgalley’s Read Now, I knew I needed to read it then and now. Rendez-vous In Phoenix is an autobiographical graphic novel by Tony Sandoval’s attempts to come to the US from Mexico. It is a short graphic novel but it gives you a glimpse about immigration and it is powerful. The novel takes place in the 1990s but I feel like it is still true today. The story is about a Mexican artist who wants to come to the US to be with his girlfriend and to make his dream of working for two big companies drawing cartoons. Some will tell you that crossing the border illegally is dumb and others will call it romantic. I honestly cared more about his dream of becoming a comic artist for two big companies. I loved the honesty of the story. The idea that getting your […]