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ARC Review | La Frontera by Al..

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ARC Review | La Frontera by Alfredo Alva

La Frontera is a bilingual children’s book. The story follows Alfredo during the 1980s where he and his father cross illegally into the US. The story is told through Alfredo’s eyes that bring an innocence and naivetés to the story that I personally really appreciated. I appreciated how the story began with why Alfredo and his dad decided to immigrate to the US and it explained the process. The process was anything but easy, they gave money to coyotes and they traveled a rough road along the Rio Grande. It was a journey that I’ve been told my great grandparents made as well. It also explains the conditions of the path they travelled, the trains leaving water jugs for the immigrants, people leaving things out so they can take such as extra clothes and food. I also appreciated how the story touched on Alfredo transitioning to the American education system […]


Review: Fluffy: A Child’..

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Review: Fluffy: A Child’s First Pet Experience by Selena Cintron

Fluffy is a picture book geared towards teaching kids about their first experience owning a pet. I loved the concept of Fluffy because my kids have been talking about wanting a pet and I felt like this book really taught them why I’m hesitant to bring a pet into our household. Fluffy teaches young readers about the responsibility of owning a pet. The book shows how one must walk and bathe a dog, teach it tricks and the full responsibility of owning a pet. Fluffy also sparked a conversation of why we should adopt and not buy our pets. It also brought up a good conversation about how the littles are not ready for a dog at this time but someday they will be. For the time being, they’ve been practicing their pet owning skills with a dog that was left near my grandma’s house. We’ve basically adopted him and […]


As Told By The Littles | Dale,..

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As Told By The Littles | Dale, Dale, Dale Una Fiesta de Números by Rene Saldana

Dale, Dale, Dale was one of the books I was so excited to read to the littles. Dale, Dale, Dale is a song that you can hear them singing EVERY single day even when we don’t have a piñata around. I loved how the book not just focused on the song that is sung while hitting the piñata but also focuses on numbers. I thought this part was awesome because the kids and I could work on counting in English and Spanish. I also loved the illustrations because they went with the story so well. This was an overall great read and the kids really enjoyed it. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 3,187 other subscribers Email Address Subscribe


As Told By The Littles | Abuel..

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As Told By The Littles | Abuela by Arthur Dorros

This was one of the books we received through the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for September. I have to say I think this is one of my favorite books they’ve sent us so far. Abuela is the story of a girl named Rosalba who goes on an adventure with her Abuela (grandmother). What I loved about this book was the fact that it was in English and had phrases in Spanish which resembles how we speak in our household. The story also reminded my children of my grandmother and their grandmother both of whom speak Spanish because that was the language spoken to them in their countries. I felt like this was a story my children related to the most because they often listening to my mother in law talk about the place she grew up and she too sometimes takes them for adventures on the bus. While reading this […]