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When I first started blogging there use to be a blogger who had a weekly link up where you could post all your blog posts for that week so that others can see what posts they missed. I could no longer find that blogger but I loved the idea of the link up so I created Spread The Love in January 2018. It is a monthly link up where you posts your blog posts from the current month so others can find those blog posts they missed throughout the month.

How Spread The Love Works

Spread The Love is very simple. Each month, you can link up as many posts as you’d like that were posted for that current month. They do not have to be book related, it could be any blog posts that you posted that month.

The Rules:

  • The link up will open on the last Saturday of every month here on As Told By Tina.
  • The link up will close the second Saturday of the following month here on As Told By Tina.
  • You can link up as many posts from that current month.
  • You do not need to make a sign up posts to join. Just link up, it is that simple.
  • You do not need to comment on every single post that is linked up, I ask that you comment on the posts that completely catch your attention and you feel like you can add more to the conversation.
  • Have fun! Meet new bloggers! I hope you find some amazing posts along the way.
  • Optional: There is a tweet down below, if you feel like go ahead and tweet to help bring more people to Spread The Love!

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